We are online. Anywhere, Anyplace.

No, all our courses are LIVE with immediate interaction. 

Yes, just follow our updates and you can get a one.

You can not but u can have a chance to get a course totally FREE, just follow our update to win rewards and redeem them by FREE courses.


Yes, after finishing any course, you will take a certificate of attendance.

No, the content is a copy right which is made to our valuable student who attend the course and it’s not legal nor of ethics to share the courses content.

In addition, we already provide a way to get FREE courses.

No, we are only experts that will give you years of experience rather than a reading just a book or only gaining a certificate with no knowledge, We advise you to be a knowledge collector rather than being certificates collector.

No but we can guarantee sending your resume to our recruiters and partners enabling you to boost your career.

Sure you can, but this has to be done according to the following:

  • Before starting the course with more than 3 days, 5% of the total course value will be deducted.
  • Before Course start with 3 days, 10% of the total course value will be deducted.
  • After starting the course with 2 sessions, 20% of the total course value will be deducted.
  • Before reaching 25% of course’s sessions, 50% of the total course value will be deducted.
  • From 25% (attend the 25%) of total sessions no refund

It’s negotiable between the student and the instructor.